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A Doggone Shame

Recently, I was watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with my Mom and something about that dog, Gigi, just gives me a headache.  I don’t know if it’s the bedazzled onesies he wears…the fact that he drinks wine out of a goblet…or that he always has an attitude when the camera is focused on him (and that may be because he is drunk and wearing a Liberace-inspired “outfit”, who knows?).  What I do know is this…Gigi is dangerous.  He is the poster dog of Doggy Couture.  And I am fully against that.  It’s a slippery slope from doggy outfits to doggy costumes for parties.  Don’t believe me?  Look at these poor suckers.

This is clever...but look at his face. He looks beaten down by life.

This is clever…but look at his face. He looks beaten down by life.

Seriously?  I know he gets beat up in doggy daycare behind this.  CH-CH-CH-CHIA!

Seriously? I know he gets beat up in doggy daycare behind this. CH-CH-CH-CHIA!

I only have one comment on this...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I only have one comment on this…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Don’t be a statistic, my canine friends.

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I knew this day would come. When those mangy, grubby nut-fiends would finally make their move to take over my yard. Sure, I’d seen them outside jumping from limb to limb and scrambling up trees looking like they just stole something…and I promptly barked out, “YOU BETTA NEVA LET ME SEE YOU ON MY PROPERTY AGAIN OR IT IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG AND I DON’T EVEN OWN A COLECOVISION SO IT’S REALLY REAL, SON!”

I wasn’t too worried about them because they usually stayed far enough away that I could only see their lice-infested bushy tails. Then, I went on what my Mom likes to call a “staycation” at the kennel (while she flew off to Cancun…seriously???). A week was apparently long enough for them to implement their attack plan because they were everywhere when I came back!

It took me by surprise as it happened so suddenly. I’m passing by the patio door on my way to my “lab” (i.e. turning over the trash to eat more delicious delights)…when I see it. Some huge fur covered squirrels with big teeth. And they looked to be the size of Ewoks! How many nuts have they been eating? Maybe they are the ones that need an intervention!

squirrel that was on my patio

squirrel that was on my patio

I felt so disrespected! So, I had to pull out the Ike Turner and let them know I’d be fining them $5 if they didn’t get off my property. But they still taunted me with those big eyes & teeth…sitting directly on the lawn furniture eating nuts! What??? You want some sweet tea too? WHY ARE YOU HERE??? GET OUT!!!

They just looked at me and gave me a slow blink. I knew what I had to do…go Godfather. That’s right. The horsehead was effective with that movie producer and I just knew that something similar would freak those uppity squirrels out. So, I went and got my chew toys test dummies to show them what would happen if that patio door was ever opened…and then I mouthed the word “SQUIRRELPOCALYPSE” before blacking out in a fit of rage.

Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lamb Chew Toys

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20130302-175200.jpgI’m emotionally exhausted…what you see on A&E’s “Intervention” is TRUE TO LIFE! My Mom just sat me down and had some sort of talk with me about how it is unreasonable that I go thru an entire bag of treats during a week at the kennel. I expected her to pull out a letter and start reading to me. I went thru the following steps trying to process what was happening:


I ONLY HAD A COUPLE OF TREATS! Who keeps track of how many treats are eaten in a day? I’m not some sort of treat counter or mathematician. That’s not my job. I was just trying to survive the mean streets of Barking Hound Village. I don’t care that it says “luxury boarding”…you don’t know how it really is. What? There are webcams where you can watch me? Oh. Nevermind.


Well, if you were watching the webcam ALL THE TIME, then you saw that Peanut stole a bunch of treats! That’s right. He was making it rain Snausages! I barely had any treats to eat! I’m treat deficient! I might even need an IV full of liquid treats. So go read your letter to him cuz the paw ain’t listening, honey.


She seemed to be pretty intent on this intervention thing so I had to try another tactic. I threw out a phrase I hear her say to her own mother when the topic of weight gain is approached, “I AM AN EMOTIONAL EATER!!” Okay, listen…maybe I do eat more than I should but it’s only because I felt my sugar getting low and I didn’t want to pass out as I was chasing Peanut around the yard trying to get back the treats he stole. Come on…don’t you love me? (insert sad face)


Oh, you are thinking that I felt guilt? No, sir/ma’am. This stage is for inflicting guilt on someone else. This is what you have to do when all else fails…this baby works every time. YOU ABANDONED ME TO GO ON VACATION!!!!

Make sure you really play it up...the sadder you look, the more treats you will get to make up for the "abandonment"

Make sure you really play it up…the sadder you look, the more treats you will get to make up for the “abandonment”

I’m eating treats as I type this…told ya it would work. She is such a sucker.

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The Garbage Gourmet

source (

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I’m thinking about starting my own food line called “The Garbage Gourmet”.  It will be geared towards all of my canine culinary aficionados…you know, the dogs that have a taste for the finer things.  

As with any successful company, you have to test & quality check your product before going to market.  Clearly, my unwitting investor (aka, my Mom) doesn’t realize this is a critical step on the road to success.  Why does she thwart my creativity? 

Who cares if there is trash all over the floor?   Where do you think the ingredients come from?  China?  Maybe if she were to pay more attention to the allowed foods on her diet, she wouldn’t have time to notice my “lab” of food strewn about the kitchen floor.  Delicious day old chicken, a steak bone…it’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven!  Wait…did you just say “ewww?”  Clearly, your taste buds are deficient.  Any dog will attest that finding a t-bone in the trash is fine dining.  We know about fine dining…why do you think we lick ourselves?  BECAUSE WE TASTE LIKE CHICKEN.  Sheesh.

Instead of fussing at me for getting in the garbage (which really is kind of like my very own, she should be encouraging me while I find the right ingredients for Riley’s Remoulade sauce!  That could make her a bundle!  See?  I’m not selfish.  I look out for my people.

So…if I can continue to have access to the un-freshest ingredients around, I should be able to have my line of haute Garbage Gourmet food on the market by the summer.  Start saving your money…because you are going to want this for your beloved pet.  If you don’t buy it, then you don’t love your dog.  Just sayin’…buy my stuff.

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