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Dog Scouts

Badges? Really? (source: Dog Scouts website)

So, this lady (that’s what I call my Mom when she gets “extra”) has just read an article about an organization called Dog Scouts. Sigh…more crap for me to do. It’s like she has blocked out how I got kicked out of obedience training class.

Look at those poor suckers. Sad thing is they look like they like it!!! Earning badges as a reward for being obedient? What fool does that??? Clearly they have been brainwashed…I bet they make them drink special water (DON’T DRINK THE KOOL-AID FELLAS!!). Just like the Westminster cult (you know the one…they parade their fanaticism around on tv every year in some sort of dog pageant). This Dog Scouts thing seems eerily close to what that David Koresh guy was about. I’m just sayin’.

Since I don’t like taking directions or wearing bandanas, I know this ain’t gonna work for me. Maybe she took a sip out of that hallucinogenic dog bowl if she thinks I’m about to walk up in there & play nice. I’m banned from 3 dog parks!!! I have a reputation to protect. Nobody is scared of a scout!!!

Sigh…if you don’t hear from me in a few days, call the FBI.

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